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Wesley Kids

We support children up to 12 years of age, and their families, with one-on-one counselling and group programs.

Please note that Wesley Kids waitlist is currently closed, and we are not taking any new referrals.

WMQ is an NDIS approved provider
Two kids smiling represents our Wesley Kids support services to parents and children

Support in a safe and friendly environment

Wesley Kids is a child and family mental health service, where children and their families can access support and understanding in a safe and friendly environment.

We support children up to 12 years of age and their families living in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Our experienced team of mental health and allied health professionals provides:

  • One-on-one counselling and play-based therapy for children aged 5 - 12 years
  • Group programs for children and parents

[Emma] One in five children have experienced a mental health issue at some point in their life.

Despite more awareness about mental health the diagnoses often come with a stigma. With increased communication and knowledge of resources available we can combat the stigmas and help our young people in all communities. Wesley Kids is part of Wesley Mission Queensland and has locations in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.  We provided child and family mental health service where children and their families can access support and understanding in a safe and friendly environment.

[Tui] We've probably been in contact with Wesley Kids maybe four months or even a little bit longer. We were supported with programs and one-on-one appointments as well just making sure that our personal, work, uni life, home life, school life was improving. I honestly I'm so happy and grateful that we were supported through such a low point of my life. I just feel listened to and supported so much through this organisation and that's what counts.

[Emma] An estimated 50 percent of adult mental illness begins before the age of 14. Wesley Kids has skilled clinicians who provide one-on-one counselling for children and parents, family therapy, play therapy, group programs and supported play group as well as early intervention prevention programs and workshops.
We support children from birth up to the age of 12 and we include their whole family in their therapy journey.

[Tamara] In regards to seeing a difference in our students who attended the program, they were more expressive in their feelings. More able to identify how they were feeling and the reasons why they were feeling and they were given strategies on how to deal with those feelings. We had emails from parents  expressing that they'd seen a change in their child, one with confidence and how they were doing dealing with things like anxiety and teachers too had noticed when they came back to the classroom just their demeanors and how they were presenting themselves. Actually, I think I've pretty much sung their praises right through because I'd love to keep working with Wesley Kids and the programs that they offer because the programs are very beneficial seeing a change in our kids and it's imperative that they get the support that they need. Great communication, great organisation and the programs are just hitting the mark, they're spot-on.

[Emma] Call one of our staff to find out more or visit

Our group programs

Wesley Kids' group programs provide a rich environment in which children and their parents and carers can feel safe, secure and supported while learning skills and reconnecting with each other. Each is a time-limited program with a specific focus.

We offer a 6-week program for children aged 6 - 11 years who have experienced significant loss or change in their lives. The group uses evidence-based activities to support children to learn about change, loss and grief, and build coping skills. 

A 6-week program teaching children techniques for understanding and managing their worry and stress in a fun and creative way. Techniques include relaxation, mindfulness and stress management.

A supported playgroup for parents and their children aged 5 and under.
“Wesley Kids has opened my eyes and given me help with being able to reconnect with my child”


Our approach

Boy looking sad symbolises our support services to small children and familiesWesley Kids is a friendly, child-centred service where we strive to hear everything from a child's point of view.  Our skilled clinicians adopt child-centred communication styles while providing evidence-based mental health care and social and emotional wellbeing support to children and their families. 

Parents can expect a non-judgemental atmosphere, with a shared understanding that everyone is doing the very best they can. We help you find the skills you need to work through challenges and turn them into meaningful learning experiences with your child. 

Funding and payment

As a non-profit service, we aim to make mental health care as affordable as possible for families. Some families may be able to use NDIS funding for our services, others will find an array of low-cost and bulk-billed payment options.

Where to find us

88 Allied Dr Arundel QLD 4214

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