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An equal and inclusive community

Wesley Mission Queensland is committed to creating meaningful connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, based on mutual respect and understanding to create a diverse, just and empowering organisation for our staff, clients and the community. 

Our commitment to reconciliation

Sono Leone

Hi. My name's Sono Leone, and I'm a descendant of the Garawa and Butchulla nations. Today, I'd like to acknowledge the traditional custodians on the land that I am on, that I work and live on the Turrbal people and also acknowledge our elders past and our elders present. I'd also like to acknowledge the over 500 different language groups around this nation that we now call Australia.

Rev Peter Hobson

G'day folks. My name's Peter Hobson I'm the Superintendent, Minister for Wesley Mission Queensland. We are so excited to be able to launch our Reconciliation Action Plan Innovate Document for Reconciliation Action Week 2020. The theme for this year is in this together.

Geoff Batkin AM

Wesley Mission Queensland is part of the Uniting Church and we have a history of 110 years in the city of Brisbane. And when I think about that 110 years it pales into absolute insignificance in terms of the Turrbal people, the first people of the land on which we are now meeting, who've been here living, supporting, nurturing the community in which we now live.

Geoff Batkin AM

I pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging and state. My absolute commitment that Wesley Mission Queensland as part of the Uniting Church needs to work towards genuine reconciliation with Australia's first people, to do this we've committed to a reconciliation action plan and we'll be working in partnership with people within our staff, teams, other community leaders and local elders to actually bring that vision to reality.

Makayla Jennings

This year marks 20 years of Reconciliation Australia's commitment to the reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians. Organisations like Wesley Mission Queensland can contribute through reconciliation action plans, which are formal commitments, statements to the movement.

Pania Taramai

Here it was a mission. Queensland We're proud to announce that our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan has been officially endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. An Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan outlines the actions that Wesley Mission Queensland plan to implement towards our vision of reconciliation.

David Passi

Hi I'm Passi. I'm the Indigenous Liaison Officer for Wesley Mission Queensland. I enjoy working at Wesley Mission Queensland because I feel included and have the ability to be myself. I found my experience working in the RAP community fun and exciting and meeting different people from all walks of life. I'm very pleased to be part of the Reconciliation Action Plan Innovate Document and we're in this together.

Danielle Sullivan

Wesley Mission Queensland's Commitments to reconciliation lies within four key focus areas. Firstly, it's all about relationships. Wesley Mission Queensland believes that a shared journey is vital to the ongoing process of reconciliation and the wellbeing of our whole community. In establishing meaningful engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Islander peoples, we can expand our knowledge and show our commitment to enhancing genuine and respectful relationships.

Danielle Sullivan

The second focus area is respect. Wesley Mission Queensland honors Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia's First Peoples and celebrates our uniqueness and diversity. Respect is one of the core values that drive the vision of Wesley Mission Queensland as we seek to nurture a culture of inclusion with a focus on social justice. We are committed to meaningful consultation and true understanding of people, culture, history and connection to the land and to each other.

Danielle Sullivan

Leading us together into authentic action across our core activities. The final focus area is opportunities. Providing opportunities is vital for Wesley Mission Queensland to be actively involved in making a positive difference in the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We strive to find connectedness between the past, present and future and commit to providing employment and supply chain opportunities for Australia's first peoples.

Danielle Sullivan

We are in this together and hope to be able to further celebrate this milestone towards the end of 2020. We invite you to journey with us. By working together, we will realize our vision for a compassionate just an inclusive society for all.

Our vision for reconciliation is for all people to stand unified in an equal and inclusive future. We commit to enhancing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and celebrating diversity. We have created the role of Manager Reconciliation, Diversity and Inclusion to ensure our reconciliation goals are properly prioritised and resourced.

Our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan has been formally endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. This document outlines our strategies, goals and achievements towards reconciliation. It guides our organisation on how to build positive and stronger relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities, organisations and the broader Australian community. All staff are provided with this document and given opportunities to engage with reconciliation initiatives. 

Our journey to reconciliation will require everyone’s input from all voices, as well as local Indigenous 
leaders and community members. We are #InThisTogether.

Reconciliation Action Plan 2023 - 2025

Wesley Mission Queensland's Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan - December 2023 to December 2026. Click on the image to open the RAP 2023-2025 flipbook in a new window.

Flipbook cover of Wesley Mission Queensland's Reconciliation Action Plan 2023-2026

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The ORCA Project team has created two Acknowledgement of Country videos as part of WMQ's commitment to Reconciliation and support of our First Nations brothers, sisters and Elders. We invite you to use these videos.

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To demonstrate allyship and live out its values, WMQ has given employees the choice to work on the Australia Day public holiday.

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